Vinsco is a professional manufacturer of Conical spring washer, they are known as Belleville Springs, Disc springs, Safety Washers, Spring Washers, which are widely used in variety industrial applications, such as Control Valve, Safety Valve, Flange Bolting, Torque Converter, Clutches Manual Transmission, High Voltage Breaker, Pipe Supporting, Shock Absorber, etc.

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Vinsco Disc Springs are designed as per DIN2092 standard, and manufactured as per DIN2093 standard. Outer diameter range from 6mm to 1000mm. Material Including spring steel 51CrV4, ASTM1074, SK85, 60Si2Mn, Corrosion resistant steel ASTM301, 304, 316, 17-7PH, 17-4PH, 15-7Mo; Heat resistant steel H13, X30WCrV53, X22CrMoV12-1, X39CrMo17-1; Nickel and cobalt alloys steel Inconel X750, Inconel X718, Nimonic90, Antimagnetic and corrosion resistant steel CuSn8, CuBe2 etc.

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For meeting prompt delivery, Vinsco has large stocks for standard sizes disc springs, and all the tooling are designed, manufactured and maintained in-house. Also, customized disc springs are welcomed without MOQ request.

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Continued its steady growth by implementing modern manufacturing methods. A highly qualified team of engineers use their engineering backgrounds, experience and skills in designing and improving the manufacturing process to enhance quality products.


Vinsco is not just a disc spring manufacturer; more are quality and reliable partner.

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